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Planet-I InfoServices, is well known as one of the premier innovative IT solutions firm specializing in custom web development, graphic design, software development and hardware support. We are passionate about transforming the way business is done today in the commerce industry. We think strategically, creatively and with technological expertise, we design and devise powerful and consequential IT solutions.

Planet-I merges these things with unmatched speed to provide a pioneering, knowledgeable and idiosyncratic approach to create an IT business revolution. Planet-I look far beyond the aesthetics, positioning clients in a center of attention which is beneficial for their success. Our work enhances our clients abilities to attract new business, encourages customer loyalty and increases operational efficiency which are conducive to the expansion of our clients business.Our experts takes the time to understand each client's business and establish clear, practical, rational and logical goals and objectives for creating an impressive and effective, Internet presence for the organization.

Planet-I understands that for many organizations, the Internet is a new and revolutionary concept. Therefore, we work diligently to educate our clients on the different opportunities available to them on the Internet. By addressing these issues, Planet-I, besides providing services educates its clients and helps them ensure maximizing returns on their web site investment.

Save time and money by allowing us to cater to your Internet Business, Web Design, and Web Technology needs and let your key personnel concentrate on other tasks. We have been developing comprehensive, IT solutions for our clients.


Our Mission is our vision. To add value for our customers by helping them achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their products, assets and processes to protect their brands and enable their success in the global marketplace. We deliver innovative solutions to facilitate our customers success in the global marketplace and most importantly we provide our customers with confidence. We have achieved success by adopting transparent and honest business practices thereby generated immense goodwill with clients, employees, our vendors and society we operate in

Planet-I committed to being a well-managed, results-oriented, technology-driven firm whose team have a passion for progress and a commitment to excellence. Planet-I constantly strive to be better association with our customers and to be more connected, more forward-looking, and more customer-focused than our competitors.

Everything Planet-I do reflects a commitment to the highest standards of personal and corporate ethics. Planet-i reinforce these standards through ongoing training programs that reach all of our customers around the world. Planet-I's commitment to its customers includes a disciplined and transparent approach to corporate and business governance

Our mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based services and to do it while being personable, reliable and detailed. Our IT service solutions are given the highest level of management and support using cutting-edge technology. With the utmost quality and consistency, we provide clients with effective solutions making technology an asset for them.